Touch the World 2015 2015 Goal: $64,050

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Convoy of Hope: Haitian Children Nutrition $15,000

In 2010, we partnered with Convoy of Hope (COH) to provide clean water for families in Haiti. Since the massive earthquake, COH has empowered local churches to teach new growing methods to Haitian farmers. Today, almost 65,000 children are receiving nutrition through COH’s feeding initiative, and the majority of the food is grown in country. In 2015, the women, youth, & kids of NC are raising funds to rescue more orphans from the street, feed more children in need, and sustain the feeding initiative in Haiti. Join us in continuing to show mercy and proclaim truth in Haiti.

Support Touch The World

North Carolina Missionaries

Supporting our North Carolina Missionaries is the very heart of Touch the World. Each year we work to cover our dedicated missionaries and their families with funds to purchase new linens, needed household appliances, and furnishings for their homes on the field.

Household Equipment New Appointments $6,500

Reserve for Future Appointment $6,500

Household Equipment Five-year Supplement $7,000

  • Cecil & Tonya Eshelman (Russia) – $3500
  • Jack & Trudy Vegter (Columbia) – $3500

Linens & Things $1,000

  • Cecil & Tonya Eshelman (Russia) – $500
  • Jack & Trudy Vegter (Columbia) – $500

Scholarship for International Students $1,050

[Name Withheld] is a 53-year old, first-year student at Evangelical Theological College in Tirana, Albania. She comes from a nominal Muslim family where faith is not practiced. At age 40, she accepted Jesus as the Lord and Savior of her life. As her life changed completely, her 4 children and her mother came to faith in Christ. Her son is currently serving on the mission field in Macedonia. She is divorced, and her ex-husband has spent many years in prison due to his criminal past. She prays that God will use all of her life experiences to help her humbly serve Him. She desires to start a Bible study group and minister to women who have suffered domestic violence and/or divorce. She also hopes to open a food center to prepare and serve poor children with a least one daily meal. We want to help her as God redeems all her life experiences for His glory.

HeartMenders $12,000

HeartMenders touches the lives of North Carolina’s Assembly of God ministers’ widows through financial support. In addition to providing immediate assistance upon the death of their husbands, financial gifts are also provided on birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Christmas. We currently bless 48 widows.

Empowering Women’s and Girls Ministries

North Carolina Women in Ministry $1,500

Women with a passion for ministry need to connect with each other for the purpose of enhancing leadership and ministry skills.  This money will be used to facilitate leadership development and connection for North Carolina Women in Ministry.

Mpact Girls Clubs $ 4,000

These are finances set aside as expenditures associated with ministry to girls involved in the North Carolina MPact Girls Clubs.  It helps offset the cost of leadership development for MPact Sponsors and travel expenses for the District Girls Ministries Coordinator.

NC Women’s Ministries $16,000

This account makes provision for the expenses of ministering to the women of North Carolina through leadership development, discipleship and media (such as mailings, e-newsletter, videos, and other promotional materials).  It also provides travel expenses for the Women’s Ministries Leadership Team as they develop relationships with local leaders.