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Touch the World 2014

Show Love – Shine Light – Fulfill the Dream


Red Envelope Compassion                                                                                       $15,000

In 2009, we gave $15,000 to bless ethnic minority children in rural Northern Asia. This gift helped upgrade 3 elementary schools in rural villages where no one had ever graduated from elementary school. In turn, 800 children have improved learning facilities, but more importantly teachers & pupils have accepted the Lord. We helped plant the church of Jesus where it did not exist. The upgraded schools have new names – Love, Light, & Full Dream. In 2014, we will provide funds to build a children’s community center in another remote village. This center will be a focal point in the community for children’s activities & compassion outreach. Any funds remaining will be used to provide need-based scholarships for students from the Love, Light, & Full Dream schools. Your giving will Show Love, Shine Light, & Fulfill the Dream!

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2014 Info Sheet 





Household Equipment New Appointments                                                            $6,500

Reserve for Future Appointment                       $6,500


Household Equipment Five-year Supplement                                                     $10,500

Jerry & Angi Martin (East Africa)                   $3,500

Chris & Lenee Oakley (Hungary)                     $3,500

Reserve for 2015                                                    $3,500

Linens & Things                                                           $1,500

Jerry & Angi Martin (East Africa)                   $500

Chris & Lenee Oakley (Hungary)                    $500

Reserve for 2015                                                   $500

SIS – Scholarship for International Students                                                      $525

Oneda Prendi is a first year student at Evangelical Theological College in Tirana, Albania. Her family background is Orthodox & Muslim. As a teenager, she came to salvation through Jesus & received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit during a season of grief due to the deaths of several family members. She currently assists with prison, practical, & children’s ministries. She hopes to intern with church planting in Skopje, Macedonia. We desire to help Oneda prepare for her future by providing tuition throughout her Bible college tenure.

North Carolina Women in Ministry                                                                        $1,500

Women with a passion for ministry need to connect with each other for the purpose of enhancing leadership and ministry skills.  This money will be used to facilitate such a connection for North Carolina Women in Ministry.


HeartMenders                                                                                                                  $12,000

HeartMenders touches the lives of North Carolina’s Assembly of God ministers’ widows through financial support.  In addition to providing immediate assistance upon the death of their husbands, financial gifts are also provided on birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Christmas. We currently bless 44 widows.


Mpact Girls Clubs                                                                                                           $ 4,000

These are finances set aside as expenditures associated with ministry to girls involved in the North Carolina MPact Girls Clubs.  It helps offset the cost of leadership development for MPact Sponsors and travel expenses for the District Girls Ministries Coordinator.


NC Women’s Ministries                                                                                                $16,000

This account makes provision for the expenses of ministering to the women of North Carolina through leadership development, discipleship and media (such as mailings, e-newsletter, videos, and other promotional materials).  It also provides travel expenses for the Women’s Ministries Leadership Team as they develop relationships with local leaders.


Total   $67,525