Touch the World 2018

Convoy of Hope: El Salvador


This Convoy of Hope International Program’s focus is to eliminate hunger by providing healthy, nourishing meals to children. They locate the root causes of undernourishment in the child by addressing the mother’s health, diet, income, education and societal status: areas that have a direct impact on her children’s well-being. Currently, three key projects: Micro+, Mother’s Clubs and Empowered Girls, empower women to help their families. Micro+ is a small business initiative complete with training and seed capital. Mother’s Clubs teach hygiene, health, and nutrition while Empowered Girls are afterschool clubs for teenage girls that focus on hygiene, nutrition, emotional health, creative arts, and pursuing job opportunities. Our giving will help empower hundreds of women and girls in El Salvador. For more information, this info sheet is available for download.



North Carolina Missionaries

Supporting our North Carolina Missionaries is the very heart of Touch the World. Each year we work to support our dedicated missionaries and their families with funds to purchase new linens, needed household appliances, and furnishings for their homes on the field. This includes supplements for our multi-term missionaries.

Housing Equipment for New Appointees

Missionary Family (Sensitive Area)

Missionary Family (Sensitive Area)

5 Year Supplement for Veteran Missionaries

Mickey & Jennifer Daniels (Ecuador)

A Missionary Family (W. Africa)

Scholarship for International Students $1,000

NC Women’s Ministries supports Besarta Demaj, a second-year student at Evangelical Theological College in Tirana, Albania. She grew up practicing all the rules and rituals of a Muslim family. Her husband helped lead her to faith in Jesus, and she counts her Baptism in the Holy Spirit as her most significant spiritual experience. As a young family, they feel called to Montenegro, a European country with only 120 Christian believers. Our investment will help prepare Besarta to take the gospel to the unreached people of Montenegro.

Empowering Women’s and Girls Ministries

HeartMenders $14,000

HeartMenders touches the lives of 53 NCAG ministers’ widows by providing immediate financial assistance upon the death of their husbands, as well as monetary gifts for birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Christmas.

Mpact Girls Clubs $ 3,000

These are finances set aside as expenditures associated with ministry to girls involved in the North Carolina MPact Girls Clubs.  It helps offset the cost of leadership development for MPact Sponsors and travel expenses for the District Girls Ministries Coordinator.

NCWMs $16,000

This account makes provision for the expenses of ministering to the women of North Carolina through leadership development, discipleship and media (such as mailings, e-newsletter, videos, and other promotional materials).  It also provides travel expenses for the Women’s Ministries Leadership Team as they develop relationships with local leaders.